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End to end High Speed Fiber Optic
Sensing Solutions

Opterro offers a wide range of ultra high-speed fiber-optic sensing solutions for reliable and precise
measurements of strain, temperature, acoustic emission etc. across the industries including smart
infrastructure, data centers, manufacturing, medical devices, aerospace and R&D.


Product Offering: Opterro FBG Interrogators


  • Opterro provides a variety of interrogators such as iSense, gsense, rSense etc. for both table-top and portable requirements

  • Measures real-time static and dynamic strain up to 10,000 micro-strain (μE) with sub-μE resolution

  • Estimates acoustic emission at an ultra-high speed upto 80 MS/s

  • Calculates pressure up to l kBar with <0.05 psi resolution

  • Measures temperature up to 1000°C with >99.5% accuracy

  • Decision-aid analytics can also be incorporated


Versatile High-resolution Optical
Spectrum Analyzer

Aragon Photonics manufactures a non-regular ultra-high resolution optical spectrum analyzers (OSA)
based on the advanced Stimulated Brillouin Scattering (SBS) technology. A purely optical and extremely
sharp filtering effect is performed in our OSA, BOSA.

Product Offering: Optical Spectrum Analyzer


  • Aragon Photonics offers different OSAs like BOSA 100, BOSA 400, BOSA 500 and BOSA Lite
    for different applications in telecommunication, quantum optics, passive devices characterization, R&D or production sectors.

  • Offers Pure optical resolution of 0.08 pm (10 MHz)

  • Wavelength accuracy: ±0.5 pm

  • Spurious-free dynamic range >80 dB

  • Wavelength range: 0, S, C & L bands

  • Scanning speed: 20 nm/s

  • Upgrade with: / Phase measurement / Passive Component analyser / Spectral polarimetry.

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