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Motorcycle Advanced Consulting Services

In our day-to-day commute in India, we find more than 70% of means of transportation are two-wheelers/motorbikes as we are a thickly populated country with dynamic economy. Various motorcycle manufacturers should possess active testing methodologies to cater multiple engineering challenges like HI-EV Vehicle Technology, Chattering Brake Reduction, Drivability, Comfort, Stability Characterization, Suspension Optimization, Engine hanger Design and Structural Vibration Reduction. 

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Motorcycle Characterization

Motorcycle riding would be fun and reliable only when many of the critical parameters are developed and refined within their boundary conditions for efficient output. Hence, it is important to refine static components, ergonomics, lateral, longitudinal dynamics, bike geometry, suspension efficiency, stability analysis and benchmarking. 

Tyre Services

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In October 1887, John Boyd Dunlop developed the first practical pneumatic or inflatable tyre for his son's tricycle and then the rest is history. However, the best minds in the engineering industry are constantly refining the understanding of tyre behaviour with respect to different test conditions such as wear algorithm prediction, on-road tire longitudinal behaviour identification, longitudinal tire behaviour in real driving conditions, operative conditions dependency characterization.

Motorcycle Academy


A motorcycle test rider cannot be a rookie to understand and give the right input to development engineering team. Hence, it is all the more important to train and develop the theoretical and practical syllabus focussed on moving engineers from rookie to professional category to make them ready to take direct industrial engineering challenges concerned to motorcycle research and development function.



Globally, it is always an excellent idea to use mass transportation like buses in order to be environmentally conscious. It is important to understand the effect of engine fuel consumption with variables like braking, planning the routes and optimized positioning of chassis and frame. Further, in case of electric vehicles it is essential to optimize the regenerative braking, size vs energy profile of batteries, energy characteristics of hybrid buses.



Olden Days farming machinery are well synchronized for low volume throughput. Increase in globalisation and growing population demands engineers have to rethink sustainable farming models using state of the art autonomous, smart, AI & IOT driven smart farming autonomous vehicles are the need of the hour.


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