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Battery Modeling and Simulation

Batemo specializes in high-precision simulation software for lithium-ion batteries. For every Lithium Ion Cell, Batemo creates physical models and demonstrates global validity.

Batemo cells help in solving central challenges of battery system development


  • Study Design - Batemo Pack Designer and Batemo Cell Generic,
    Batemo Cell Custom, Batemo Cube- Simulating localized effects.

  • Find Cells - Batemo Cell Data and Batemo Cell Reports.

  • Develop Packs - Batemo Cell Library.



  • Optical pack design solutions

  • Operational strategies for extending battery lifetime.

  • Development of fast charging methodology. Safety methodologies in complex systems .

  • Fast, Physical, Accurate.


Battery Testers
Neware, China

Neware is one of the market leaders in battery quality check, battery performance
test, battery material research and battery mass production.

Product Offering:

  • CT-4000 Series: Suitable for Coin Cells, Super Capacitors,
    Cylindrical Cells, Pouch Cells, Three Electrode System Testing.

  • CE-6000 Series: Multiple-Scenario Battery Testing System.

  • CT/CTE-8000 Series: Coupled with working condition simulation
    can be used for Power Battery and Energy Storage System.

  • CT-9000 Series: Mainly used for Coin Cells, 3C digital Battery and Material Investigation.

  • All-in-One Testing System: Conducting efficient testing and research on battery temperature
    performance for Coin Cells.

  • 4 Temperature zone All-in-One Testing System: Meet the Material Manufacturers, Universities and
    Research Institutes of multiple temperature testing requirements for Coin Cells.

  • 200L Constant Temperature Test Chamber: Suitable for the temperature performance test of various batteries such as Coin, Pouch, Cylindrical and Prismatic Cells.

  • High and Low Temperature Test Chamber: Suitable for the high and low temperature performance test of various batteries, such as Coin, Pouch, Cylindrical and Prismatic Cells.

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