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A new way to value-add Indian Customers with Technologies across the globe

Who We Are

Our Core Disciplines


FBG Sensor, Laser Diode, Photodiode, Optical Fiber, WDM, DWDM, Infrared Camera, Hyperspectral Camera, Quantum Efficiency Measurement System 

Fuel cell Spektronik

PEM Fuel Cell with Balance of Plant, DC-DC converter, Regulator, Carbon fiber cylinder and other accessories

Fuel Cell

EV Battery Technology

Battery Tester Neware

Battery Tester

Li-Ion Battery Modeling and Simulation

Test & Measurement

Lockin Amplifier, Impedance Analyzer

Smart Layer Sensor

Blast Gauge

Wireless sensors & Data loggers

Lockin Amplifier Zurich Instruments

Advanced Sensors

PVDF Sensors, d33 meter

Energy Harvester, Temperature Chamber

Ferroelectric Loop

Strain gauge and Data logger

PVDF sensors Poly-k

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We are an energetic team who are Industry oriented end to end solution technical representatives with a mission to empower our Indian customers with cutting edge technologies to cater challenging and emerging fields such as Photonics, Fuel Cell, Test & Measurements, EV Battery solutions, Sensing Technology, Industry 4.0,  focused on modern reliability engineering, technical and measurement solutions.

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