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TRAXX is the global market leader in bolt tension measurement. TRAXX is an innovative new technique, with over 20 years of expertise in bolted assembly tightening.

TRAXX systems now have over 200 different and varied industrial applications: gas turbine assembly, automobile engine tightening checks, monitoring high-tech buildings and civil engineering structures, real-time monitoring of heavy goods vehicle chassis. Our priority is to optimize the tightening of complex assemblies.

TRAXX measures bolt tension in industrial applications ranging from the design stage of an automobile engine to the assembly of gas turbines that generate hundreds of megawatts of energy. The objective is always the same: the optimization of tightening of assemblies and bolted joints.

TRAXX believes in technical innovation and works each day to push its specialized industry sector towards ever increasing excellence. We now operate in 12 countries throughout the world, dealing with tightening issues as they arise in the automobile, aeronautics, energy, and transport sectors.

TRAXX is in phase with progress, it is an invitation to think about tomorrow’s assemblies in an entirely new way. Its units are used in 12 countries, in these industry sectors: Automobile, Aeronautics, Energy, Rail and Heavy Goods Vehicles.

Basic Feactures.

Designed to be used on industrial sites

Portable: Weight: 3Kg, Battery life: 5 h

Solidity: IP64, shock resistant

User-Friendliness: Touchscreen, intuitive interface


Is suitable for many types of screws/bolts

Bolt/screws: un-surfaced screws

Length: 5 mm to 14 m

Diameter: 3mm to 300mm or more


Provides bolt tension measurements with up to 1% accuracy

Measurements are expressed in kN

The unit automatically applies a temperature correction to the measurements

TRAXX is a non-invasive technique: the measurement modifies neither the condition nor the nature of the assembly

Technical Details


  • High stability (10-6) internal clock

  • 1 ns proven repeatability (10-9 s)

  • Internal sampling frequency: 2 GHz (0.5 ns)

  • 1 ppm long term stability (1 ns for every 106 ns, or 1 ms, or 6 m wave travel)


From 5 mm to 14 meters screw length. Diameter from M2 to M60 and more

Materials: Steel, stainless steel, Inconel, aluminum, titanium, plastics, …


Simultaneous processing of TWO echoes (in TRUE differential mode, with TWO independent amplifiers)

ZERO-Crossing measurement on each echo (programmable polarity) to 1 ns resolution

1ns linearity on the entire range


  • High brightness 8-inch color touch screen

  • Icon driven software in user selectable 6 languages

  • Optional optical mouse

  • Very user-friendly software, only icons to click on, no formulae’s, no calculations

  • Huge display of the signal in color

  • One-click hard copy of all screens on USB key, directly in jpeg, for immediate transfer to PC

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