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Opterro is a high-technology company based in Silicon Valley that delivers end-to-end, fiber-optic sensing solutions for a range of applications spanning Data Center, Electric Utilities, Smart Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Research & Development, Medical Devices & Wearables, Aerospace & Defense, and AgTech & Climate.

Opterro’s photonic sensing systems consist of flexible optical fiber sensing elements that have been optically written within the fiber and an end unit that interrogates the sensors.

The sensing fiber can be as thin as a strand of hair or as ruggedized as it takes to work under the sea, at elevated temperatures inside a furnace or at thousands of volts inside a power distribution transformer.

They were recognized as the winner of “Best of Sensors 2020 Award for i*Sense® distributed fiber-optic sensing interrogators” in November 2020. We earned the win for the Most Innovative Product in the Data Acquisition & Analytics category of the Best of Sensors Awards 2020.

Why Opterro?

The best Turnkey solutions which provide extended operational reliability and lifetime with reduced cost of ownership. Ease of deployment enables broad-based adoption of maintenance-free, cost-effective distributed fibre-optic sensors free of electrical wiring across multiple industries. Free from EMI/RFI generation and immune to EMI/RFI sources

Reduced operations and maintenance (O&M) expenses and improved operational safety

Application-specific AI-enhanced decision-aid data analytics engine supporting state-of-the-art industrial data communications platforms.

Product info

Industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) interrogators for distributed sensing applications, supporting few to thousands of sensors at speeds of up to > 20 Mega Samples Per Second.

The company’s I*Sense product family is an integrated and scalable temperature and strain sensing system consisting of multiplexed Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors on an optical fiber and an ultra-fast interrogator unit with advanced all-optical processing, electronics, algorithmic software, and data analytics layers for distributed photonic sensing in structural health monitoring, NDE, acoustic emission, and other advanced multi-sensor sensing applications.

IFOS I*Sense interrogators are designed for real-time, high-precision measurement of a wide variety of parameters, as well as derived measurements. The exciting aspect is that measurements can be performed simultaneously across many sensors distributed over long distances or across large sensing coverage areas in demanding and sometimes extreme environments. Potential uses include the important area of renewable, in applications such as the health and usage monitoring of wind turbine blades.

General Characteristics of the products at Opterro.

Inexpensive low-profile interrogator (iSense® LPI)

Very-low-cost interrogator capable of supporting FBG sensors number can be ruggedized to customer requirement.

Directly measures temperature, static strain, dynamic strain and vibration

Directly measures low-frequency (<1.5 kHz) Acoustic emission

Multiple sensors, up to 5 FBGs, multiplexed on each fiber channel can be ruggedized to customer requirement.

High speed; good resolution, accuracy, and dynamic range

Scalable with multiple fiber connection capabilities based on customers requirement

Solid state, no moving parts.

Portable, compact, lightweight, and low power consumption.

Operates in harsh and demanding environments

Automatic sensor calibration

Long life and high reliability

Powerful iSenseView™ software with algorithmic data analytics

Data management with inherent decision-making capabilities

Customizable decision aid algorithms and graphical user displays

EtherCAT fieldbus and Modbus data communication protocol options

Fiber or wireless backhaul transmission capability

Integrated embedded computer and intelligent monitoring system

Solution for various industrial applications requiring high sensor counts.

Wide range of industrial and infrastructure applications: -

Various industrial and manufacturing environments

Smart infrastructure (e.g., fire detection in buildings, tunnels, etc.)

Electric power transmission lines

Oil and gas wells

Renewable energy: solar photovoltaic installations

Environmental remediation - Reactor vessel insulation

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