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Opterro Indian Distributor

End to end High Speed Fiber Optic
Sensing Solutions

Opterro offers a wide range of ultra high-speed fiber-optic sensing solutions for reliable and precise
measurements of strain, temperature, acoustic emission etc. across the industries including smart
infrastructure, data centers, manufacturing, medical devices, aerospace and R&D.


Product Offering: Opterro FBG Interrogators


  • Opterro provides a variety of interrogators such as iSense, gsense, rSense etc. for both table-top and portable requirements

  • Measures real-time static and dynamic strain up to 10,000 micro-strain (μE) with sub-μE resolution

  • Estimates acoustic emission at an ultra-high speed upto 80 MS/s

  • Calculates pressure up to l kBar with <0.05 psi resolution

  • Measures temperature up to 1000°C with >99.5% accuracy

  • Decision-aid analytics can also be incorporated

FBG Interrogators
LD PD INC, Indian Distributor
InGaAs Balance Photodetector
DBR laser diode

Laser - Laser Diode - Photodiode Module

LD-PD manufacturer of DBR/DFB SLD FP laser diodes (400- 2000 nm) in the world and our technology IP is protected with 30+ patents and 10+ years of expertly tuning our manufacturing processes. All lasers are designed, tested, and manufactured at our Headquarters in Singapore in our on-site fabrication facility. 

C band High power Erbium/Ytterbium Doped Fiber Amplifier(EYDFA)
C-Band Semiconductor Optical Amplifier
InGaAs Ultra-Low Noise Photodetector

Product Offering


  • Laser Diode (DFB, DBR, FP, VCSEL, SLD, Narrow Line width LD)

  • Photodiode (InGaAs PD, Si PD, InGaAs APD, Si APD, Ge PD, Customized PD)

  • Laser (Pulsed Fiber Laser, Tunable Fiber Laser, Swept Laser)

  • Light Source(Broadband SLD Light, C+L band ASE Broadband Light Source)

  • Laser Accessories ( Laser linewidth measurement, Laser Diode Driver, PZT Driver)

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